$30 ASAP - Match two records & write value - EASY

  • I need this done within an hour.

    10% paid to ozgrid paypal

    Should be fairly easy...

    I have an excel file with two tabs.

    • Orders
    • Contacts

    The issue is that the "Orders" tab doesn't contain the "Contact_Name" that the "Contacts" tab has.

    The ultimate goal is to get the "Contact_Name" from one sheet to the other using an email address and write it over to the "Orders" tab field.

    The logic is the following:

    • From the "Contacts" tab, take the "Email_Address" value
    • Search the "Orders" tab fields "PayPal_email", "Label_Email_Address" and "Company_Email" to find a match.
    • When a match is found, write the "Contact_Name" from the "Contacts" tab to the "Contact_Name" on the Orders sheet.
    • The match just has to be found once in any of the three email fields on the "Orders" tab.
    • There could be multiple "Orders" from the same company and should make sure it's filled in for each record.

    There are a few thousand records.

    Here is an example file. https://ufile.io/fyrtu

    First two tabs are what will be provided. The 3rd tab, "Final" is example of output.

    Completed project is returning original file with above work completed.

    Will send file to work with once reply that you understand and can complete this within an hour.