USD 15 to help amend the Account Name format in existing macro

  • Hi,

    I have existing an macro created by my ex-colleague. This macro helps to automate the massaging of batch report data, into multiple individual reports (based on the appropriate account names), and also into a consolidated report.

    The macro currently reads the current Account Name (eg. IVT000022) and shortens it to "IVT" and the last two digits of the account (eg. IVT 22).
    This would cause a problem where if the account name is IVT000122, the output will still be IVT 22 and thus, cause an error in the reporting.
    Input > Output
    IVT000022 > IVT 22
    IVT000122 > IVT 22

    Besides that, if there is a new account name format (eg. PDT02301), the macro is unable to read and process this account name accordingly.
    From my limited knowledge of VBA, it seems that the macro only reads accounts that start from "IVT".

    I'm looking for help to amend the code to read the account name as it is. So no shortening of the account name.
    Ideally, the expected result should be as per below:-
    Input > Output
    IVT000022 > IVT000022
    IVT000122 > IVT000122
    PDT02301 > PDT02301

    Kindly assist me as I require it urgently.
    Do let me know how I can email you the reporting files and macro.

  • I can look into this for you. I will send you a PM with my email details.

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