Is it possible to have a bluetooth device that deliver all the audio from the phone?

  • Hello Excel's ninjas, just crashing my mind on this one,
    all I want is to work at my job and not make a lot of noise with my cellphone because I'm getting a lot of incoming alerts that regards to my other business, and I don't want to make a lot of noise all the time,
    so I figured my best way to go is to wear a Bluetooth device on one of my ears, and just get those alerts from my smartphone, those alerts comes from multiple sources inside the phone so I just must buy a Bluetooth device and somehow make it deliver all the audio from my cellphone and not just the incoming calls.

    best place to ask something like this, all the smartest people in one place, how didn't I thought about it, I burnt the entire day seeking for an answer, thanks for any help :)