Migration Run Book Automation Help Needed AUD $70

  • I am an IT project Manager actively involved in designing excel run sheets for executing server migrations. I have a standard excel run book which I usually use to execute migration events and wanted to automate it so that it does not take me a lot of time to manually change the details. Can someone help me with the following :

    Excel Sheet Setup : Following are the key tabs in the excel sheet I have

    Sheet 1 : Master Server List which has the following columns

    - Server Name
    - Server IP
    - Group ID

    Sheet 2 : Migration Methodology consists of the following drop down list

    - Storage vMotion
    - Live vMotion

    Sheet 3 : two columns Column 1 - Migration steps for each type of methodology Column 2 : duration of each step in hh:mm:ss format. Note that the steps are common across each method which are repeatable for each server in the group ID mentioned in the server list sheet

    Storage vMotion Steps

    - Step 1 duration
    - Step 2 duration
    - Step 3 duration
    - Step 4 duration

    Live vMotion Steps

    - Step A duration
    - Step B duration
    - Step C duration
    - Step D duration


    1. User should fill up the Server List Tab with all columns with the IP Address column being optional
    2. User will then select the Migration Methodology
    3. There will be a button "Generate Detail Run Sheet"

    Based on the selection the user makes multiple sheets should be created populating the predefined steps for each group in the master server tab. E.g. If the server list tab has 3 groups and selects Storage vMotion as the method and clicks "Generate Detail run Sheet" button 3 separate excel tabs (one for each group) should be created populated with the Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4

    Also if there is a new method to be added the user should be able to append steps and duration in sheet 3 and click add method. This should populate the drop down and should be usable

    The generated sheet will have the following columns

    Column 1 - Prepopulated Steps from Sheet 3 ( based on methodology )
    Column 2 - Start Date and Time ( Empty to be populated manually )
    Column 3 - Duration ( Populated from sheet 3 )
    Column 4 - End Date and Time ( Calculated by adding Column 2 and 3 )


    In the beginning the sheet will have the following tabs

    Index - Manually created
    Introduction - manually created
    GO/NO GO Checklist - Manually Created
    Master Server List - Manually populated ( have marked columns that are mandatory to fill up in Grey. If these columns are not populated then there will be an error in generating run books )
    Migration Methodology - Will have the list of all Migration Methods and will also have provision to add a new method
    List - Will be a hidden list which has all the Migration methods
    Migration Methodology Steps - Will have steps for each migration method

    Requirement 1 : generate Run Book

    STEP 1 : User fills up mandatory columns in Master Server List
    STEP 2 : User selects Migration Methodology from Master Server List
    STEP 3: User hits the button generate run book

    Expected output : This should generate detailed run books as shown in the sample sheet

    Wave#1 Group 0
    Wave#1 Group 1
    Wave#1 Group 2
    Wave#2 Group 1

    The Wave number comes from master server list and the Group number also comes from Master Server List

    The rows highlighted in Grey in the Detailed runbooks will remain exactly the same and will not change. The steps will be populated for each server in the Group. In the sample sheet there are 2 servers in each group but there may be more servers in the group. Also there may be multiple waves so the tab needs to be named accordingly.

    Requirement 2 :

    Assume there is a new Migration method in the market and we want to add this in the Excel.

    Step 1 : User appends the migration method in Migration Methodology Steps Tab
    Step 2 : User goes to the tab Migration Methodology and clicks on the button Add methodology

    Expected outcome

    The list in the Migration Methodology should be updated to reflect the new method
    User should be able to generate run book based on this methodology

    Attached is the sample Excel Spreadsheet

  • Hi KJBox,

    Thanks for the reply. As per the rules I have already made the 10% payment via Paypal. Let me know if you need the details. Once the code is written and delivered I will initiate the remaining payment via paypal to your account.

    Let me know if you need any further information or clarity in requirement

    Mohit Hotchandani

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances I am not able to work on this for a week. It is therefore open for another development team member to take on.

    We now have a reputation system in place. If my reply helped please "Like" the reply by clicking the "Like" icon at bottom right of my reply.

  • Hi Mohit,

    Payment received... Thanks!

    Here's the file.
    I add a tab called "template" that is used to create the other Wave-Group tabs. You can modify the template, but keep the row where there is [END] in column A. This is a reference use to add the steps.
    Please test and let me know if you any comments.


  • Hi GCExcel,

    I tested the sheet and it worked as expected. There were a couple of small features that I needed to be added in terms of completeness

    1. Validation

    Once a user hits generate run book button a pop-up box displaying a message " You have selected <migration methodology name> to generate the detailed run book. Are you sure you want to continue" . When the user hits Yes the detailed run books should be generated.

    2. Regenerate

    There may be a scenario where at day 1 of the project the user has selected one migration methodology which has 16 steps. Fast forward to 2 weeks in to the project the customer realises that there is or are custom step or custom steps that needs to be added between step 10 and Step 11. In the current scenario you will

    - Add the step or steps between step 10 and 11 in the migration methodology steps tab
    - Delete the Detailed run books manually
    - Regenerate the detailed run book when the steps have been added

    Can we introduce a regenerate feature where the user just has to

    - Add the step or steps between the existing list
    - Press re-generate run book ( This can be a separate button next to the Generate run book button )

    Once he does that the new steps are automatically updated to the detailed run books. This will save a lot of time.

    Could you please include the above features and republish post with the new file.

  • Hi Mohit,

    Sorry for the delay. I have been sick the last 2 days...
    #1 - no problem
    #2 - when the use will "regenerate", would it be possible to restart from scratch or there will be data entered? will you only add steps or it would be possible to delete steps?

    This is a change to the original requirement, I'll need some time to do it.

  • Hi GCExcel,

    Apologies and I hope you get well soon. Please take rest and take your time to completely recover.

    #2 - There will be a case where the user may add or delete the steps so the requirement needs to cater for both.
    Preference would be not to start from scratch and just reflect changes in the detailed runbooks already generated. This is because the other steps might not change and the PM would have already donea lot of work on them.
    Happy to discuss any additional financials if needed via a private chat to cater for the new requirement.

    Mohit Hotchandani

  • Hi GC Excel,

    I hope you are feeling good now. Just wondering if you got a chance to read my response to your last post with regards to the modifications I had requested. Could you advise when will you get an opportunity to work on those and if there would be any additional charge for the new requirements

    Mohit Hotchandani

  • Hi Mohit,
    Yes I read your response. I should be able to send you the updated file before the end of the week and will let you know if there are any extra charges (I'm trying to find the easy, simplest and fastest way to do it)

  • Hi Mohit,

    Here's the new version of the file allowing you to Add/delete/Modify existing steps.
    Read the instructions in the "Migration Methodology steps".

    I put an example in the file for "Zerto". You simply have to click the button to update the exiting tabs...