Data from a web page into Excel ** with live updating if/when web page changes **

  • Hi all

    I am a (relative) newbie in Excel .. have some basic VBA skills .. but be gentle !!

    I am trying to scrape odds data from a range of bookmakers into Microsoft Excel and have the odds updating if/when the website changes.

    Essentially I am trying to create a sheet that looks a bit like this ...... (although I don't need all the bookmakers !! Just 1 or 2 would be a great start…n/355027/win-and-each-way

    Ideally it should be able to pull a list of the days racing from the front page , here

    Create a new Excel sheet for each race and populate with the data .

    What is really important (and annoying!!!) is I want to try to match the data to the individual bookmaker site (because there is a delay on - so for example , in the wolverhampton event with the web link above - for the first horse listed , "Axe Axelrod" - it would need to
    - find the 1.20 Wolverhampton race on bet365 website ( .......
    - then find that link to the race (…/E20598146/F75756415/P10/)
    - find the horse ("Axe Axelrod") and then return the odds attibuted to that horse

    I am sure this is actually not as complicated as it might sound for someone with the correct HTTP / GET / JSON skills .. if anyone is able to just setup a very basic example code that I could then follow, copy and expand on - I would be very very grateful !!

    Thanks!! :)