Copy to first open column based on condition

  • Hi,
    Our gym runs something called the Kettlebell Penthalon - five exercises which sum to a score based on the reps and weight used. We do this several times per year. I am creating a sheet to enable people to calculate their score and simulate scenarios. I want to enable people to click Yes on cell B12 on the Calculator tab and then have the scores in column F move to a new sheet. The challenge is that people need to be able to save their previous score and then enter the scores from the next month so they can be tracked in the "MY SAVED SCORES' tab. So, one column would be the first time, then the 2nd time, then the 3rd time so people can track progress. I can get the data copied based on the condition yes, but I can't figure out how to save it, protect it and then have the next month data moved to the next column. Thoughts?

  • Hello Pandora18,

    please, find the attach file with macro code. Hit the button 'Yes' and entered scores will be saved to the other sheet with current date and time. Hope this result is what you needed to achieve.