Axis scale not showing the numbers

  • Dear Sir, Madam

    I am trying to make chart for staff who work as overtime .. I put each staff name and then one column for the total of hours he worked in a year.

    The left side of scale showing all 0000 , why is that ? Also if I try to add sum it will not give me correct output in the chart.

    Attached file for your information and review.


  • its because the numbers have different formatting types in their source table.

    Go the chart on Page 2.
    Right click, and click on Edit Data
    Select all the data in Column B (Range B2:B7)
    Right click on selection
    Select "Format Cells"
    Select Custom from Left Category
    Select Type and Enter the value of:

    Click OK

    Y Axis on the left should show up now.


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