Need to make small Database of Allocation

  • Hi there,

    I need help to make small database of allocation. I have 6 team members and every time i receive email and i have to assign that email task to each employee in sequence. Email has 4 main categories and each category wise i assign email to my 6 team members. but there are main questions - 1. if any day team member is not present we will skip that team member and move to another in sequence. 2. if same team member already pre-allocated then for that we will skip that employee and move to another in sequence and if all get work assigned and same team member in turn then will assign to that team member. I understood, i have to make one Team Members's table, second 4 main Categories table, third sub categories table, allocation table (with all email details in fields). I am not sure how we can use team member is present or not condition and pre allocated or not. Can you please help me. Thanks and Regards