Take data from a website that is in a listbox format and import to excel

  • I know we can run queries on the web that will populate excel, just not sure how to do this one. There is a list box in an internal website that represents a persons name, when you select them in the liistbox and click enter, a bunch of stats for that person comes up. I need an easier way to get those stats than to click on each name in the listbox. There are over 3000 names in the listbox, but I am guessing only 250 have datga associated with it. How do i get the full data for those names (i.e. the 250) that have corresponding information. The manual route, of creating a tab for each person and then pasting in the data from the website is taking forever and I worry about mistakes. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, when I try to get a "table" to show up in excel that reflects data on the website that I want to bring in, I see no options for the table, just a message saying internet explorer is in compatibility mode,; i am not sure if this is part of the problem. Thank-you so much for your help, I really appreciate sites where we can help each other.

  • Ideally I would like it to query one of the 3000 names in the listbox in my browser, if there is no data, it should skip to the next name, if there is data it should copy and paste into a new tab in excel with the same name as the person in the html list box.. Then ideally repeat the process. Can anyone help?