Add Customize Spacing in a cell text value

  • Hi everyone,

    Is there any formulas to add spaces in a cell text value?

    Example: ABCDE result to: 1.) A B C D E (1 space in between) or 2. A B C D E (customize space in between).

    Or in short i can judge how many spaces between text value. I've googled it and found only numeric value can customize spaces in between through Format Cells > Number > Custom, can't find it with text value.

    I already thought of using =MID(B1,1,1)&" "&MID(B1,2,1)&" "&MID(B1,3,1)&" "&MID(B1,4,1)&" "&MID(B1,5,1) , but the cell value will not permanently have the same numbers of characters.

    Is this possible with formula?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello,

    You could design your own UDF ... :wink:

    1. Function AddSpace(Str As String, n As Long) As String
    2. ' Example = AddSpace(B1,2)
    3. Dim i As Long
    4. For i = 1 To Len(Str)
    5. AddSpace = AddSpace & Mid(Str, i, 1) & Application.WorksheetFunction.Rept(" ", n)
    6. Next i
    7. AddSpace = Trim(AddSpace)
    8. End Function

    Hope this will help

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