Export sheet as UTF-8 CSV file (using Excel-VBA)

  • I would like to export a file I have created in UTF-8 CSV using VBA. From searching message boards, I have found the following code that converts a file to UTF-8 (from this thread):

    However, this code only converts a non-UTF-8 file to UTF-8. If I were to save my file in non-UTF-8 and then convert it to UTF-8, it would have already lost all the special characters it contained, thus rendering the process pointless!

    What I'm looking to do is save an open file in UTF-8 (CSV). Is there any way of doing this with VBA?

    Edit: I have now asked this question on Stack Overflow as well, due to lack of response here.

  • Re: Export sheet as UTF-8 CSV file (using Excel-VBA)

    sorry... didnt see your question before now...this might help... http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164547

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