Generating Excel Reports from a server to email

  • I have a workbook with five tabs. Each tab has associated with it an import of a tab delimited file. The tab delimited files are produced by running SQL queries against Oracle and saving the results.

    This was supposed to be a set of temporary reports but, as I should have known, people like them and want them all the time.

    They don't want them set up on a web page they want to have the workbook automatically generated and emailed to them.

    I have a server I can run the reports on that is configured with smtp and I have a scheduling package on the box as well.

    Suggestions for the "best" way to automate these reports.

  • Hi and welcome to the board :)

    I´m no specialist in server-based mailsending however I would like to suggest that You consider to use a command-based SMPT-mailer and via the Shell You can send Your reports in a relative easy way (at least what I imagine me)

    Here You find a SMTP-mailer, which is available in different versions (free, trial and commercial)

  • Unfortunatly, as appealing as that solution sounds, I doubt it would fly. A separate support organization is responsible for the servers and for standardizing the software that runs on them. That is why I am trying to come up with a way to do this given our current environment. Should that prove difficult then I might be able to build a case for a different method.

    Your response is greatly appreciated and I will make a note of that means of addressing this issue.