Range() using two variables.

  • I know how to use the range with a variable. Like:

    1. Activesheet.Range("D26:F" & x)

    However, at times i need to pass x into both sections of the range, other times i might need to pass both x and y.
    Here are some examples (none of them work).

    1. ActiveSheet.Range("D:F" & x )
    2. ActiveSheet.Range("D:F" & x & y)
    3. ActiveSheet.Range("D" & x : "F" & x)

    Is there a way to do this correctly?

  • Re: Range() using two variables.


    ActiveSheet.Range("D" & x, "F" & x)

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  • Re: Range() using two variables.


    1. ActiveSheet.Range("D" & x & ":F" & y)

    variables x and y must be properly declared and defined as long type

    The correct construction is

    Range("Column Letter" & variable & ":Column letter" & variable)