Userform button to Add data to existing excel table

  • Hi, I'm creating a userform that needs to update to an existing excel tabel named "CFSData"<BR><BR>I have a submit button (cmdSubmit) that I currently have the following vba for:

    I found that this can only add data to the worksheet (named: "data") which contains the table (CFSData) I would actually like the data to go into .. I need the data to be inserted into the table instead of adding additional rows outside of it...

    I'm trying to add the attachment but it keeps giving me an Error and I'm not sure why... the error icon is an octagon with an exclamation point inside.. does anyone no why this is occuring? Thank you

    I just went back in to try again to attach the file but the same error came up ... when I attempted to attach a small text file 1kb it accepted it ... My file is only 181 kb and is .xlsm ... Is there a size limit?