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  • Hello,

    The macro below is slightly broken and I need help to fix it... It currently prints upon activation until it reaches the last row in Sheet1. It also populates the fields from Sheet1 to 'Form' and deletes the row it populated data from. However, it only does one at a time...

    I need it to perform until no rows are left on Sheet1. I just can't figure out how to automate both in one macro because it isn't doing both. So I am missing something entirely. Any help is appreciated!

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    If this was to loop for all rows on sheet1, what happens the destination? In your example Range B2 is copied to C17. If the procedure then processes row 3 of the source sheet where is the information copied to? C18... ?

    Also, you really should move that Startrow < EndRow check to immediately after the variables are initialised.

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    What's happening here is "Form" sheet prints, pulling data from Sheet1. The print portion of the macro runs from start to finish but i'm trying to populate the data as it is printing. Is that what you're asking?

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    Try this - typed freehand and is totally untested but (hopefully) will update Form with values from Sheet1 and then print. It should loop for each row on Sheet1. I haven'y included deleting from Sheet1 but that can be done in one line after printing...