Removing "Workbook Contains Macros" Prompt

  • Hi

    I have a model that I've been working with for some time now. At one point I fiddled about with macros for it but decided that it was best without them.

    I've deleted all of the macros, but every time I open the document, I still get a prompt warning me "Workbook Contains Macros" and whether or not I want to enable macros.

    Since the document no longer contains macros, why won't this prompt go away?


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    Hi Smallman

    I've deleted the module back when I originally removed the macros.

    I also just clicked on each individual page in the 'editor' to make sure that there was no lingering code. Nothing came up

    Is there a way to just 'scrub' a document?


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    When you look at the project explorer, standard module still there? e.g. Module1, Module2, etc.

    If so, you need to clear them.

    Right click on the module - Click "NO" when asked to export.

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    Ok I've upload a copy of my file. It contained some sensitive information so I cleared all of the cells, but left all of the tabs. I still get the macro warning message with this file

    Just in case it makes a difference, I'm using Office for Mac 2011

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    just nosing around here, I just opened your spreadsheet in O2k7 and I got no warnings ... could this be a 'Mac' thing' (or rather MS' sloppy adherance to Mac's environment - programwise?)


    David D

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    On my Excel 2011, there is a drop-down in the SaveAs dialog that lets you choose which format to save as (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .txt, etc.)
    Try saving as .xlsx, there might be a dialog warning that unsupported features will be removed. This is OK since the VBA is an unsupported feature.

    Opening that file the .xlsx file shouldn't generate a macro warning.
    If you need the file saved as .xlsm, but no macros, then open the .xlsx file and SaveAs .xlsm. (Replacing the old .xlsm file if nessesary).

    THAT file shouldn't generate the macro warning.

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    David D, I think you're right about it being a Mac thing... o well

    Mikerickson, you're absolutely right. I saved it as an .xlsx file then reserved it as a .xls file (the client needs it that way) and the warning message disappeared

    Thanks to everyone who chipped in!