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    I am currently trying to build a macro to find the ID number typed into the input box by a user, and then the macro will find the ID number and select the row that it is in. I have figured out (and had some help figuring out a lot of it) but I am suck. I have been trying to find ways to use the result of a find or a vlookup (I have tried both) and then find the address to in turn select the row but this doesn't seem to work. As I am writing it in stages, I haven't gotten to my desired end even in code that doesn't work. This is the code that 'works' so far, in two versions:


    Once again, my end result is that it will select the row that the vResult is on.

    Thank you so much for any help. Most of the time, you solve so many of my VBA problems without me even asking!

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    I usually use an If statement with a COUNTIF function to confirm the code exists in the column first and then use a MATCH function on the whole column to find the row number.

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    Any ideas on how to use MATCH or INDEX to find the row (and/or cell address) of my variable vResult? Sorry I was on vacation and just got a chance to answer my own post again!