• I went through my copy the other day when I had a bit of quiet (the kids were away at the pool with Mommy). I was able to blow through a lot of the hacks as they were familiar from OzGrid :cool: . I did find plenty to keep me busy - especially in the chart hacks.

    This book has a nice mixture of hacks for users of all levels. I would recommend purchasing it for anyone who wants a handy reference that is easy to get around in.

    Kudos to Dave and Raina!

  • Hi All Again
    Just spent last night going through the book. Very well organized. Has some really great hacks.

    Good Work Dave and Raina

    "The problem with designing vba code completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool."

  • nice book

    Hello everyone

    Yesterday I bought the book when i saw it at the shelf in the bookstore.
    The name Dave Hawley was very familiar to me from the ozgrid forum so i
    took it in a snap.
    I haven't read it yet , but I am sure it will be excel-lent :rambo:
    Dave and Raina , keep up the very good work.

    Gongratulations :) :rock:

  • Re: Excel Hacks

    Sure i have a copy - now you can buy 'Daves Hacks' in teh UK - i was a little taken back to see in PC World Dave’s book, which i have a copy sat on my laptop at home for months now.

    I am not going to rant how good the book is and looks is very OzGrid if you know what i mean which will hardly be a surprise after all both are Dave - my suggestion is very simple in PC World and many book stores you can thumb the book before buying, so do this then, then check out some others your soon decide what you want. A book full of high level stuff in complex fashion or a book that works and is genuinely something you can do and follow, for Jack the only down side is I never wrote it, as I said a copy proudly sit on my laptop and is now on of the only two excel book I have the other is a Microsoft Press which is awful on VBA97.

    Look at the support Dave offers and the hacks examples … no one anywhere offers that level of support and if Jack is honest – I do not think anyone else is capable,

    As we say in South London [and UK] from the TV advert ‘top bombing’