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    One more pesky question.

    If I ever wanted to change the columns that are compared, which line do I modify? I assumed it was...

    1. txt = Join$(Array(a(i, 2), a(i, 3), a(i, 4)), ";;")

    But it doesn't match the columns in terms of letters to numbers.

    Thank you.

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    Your worksheet has blank in col.A so the numbers in array corresponding to the columns are 1 less than a column index in the sheet.


    Column.B = 1 in array
    Column.C = 2 in array
    and so on.

    Is this what you are asking?

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    I see what you mean Jindon ..I obviously used the Dictionary object to create a new unique array - So I ended up using 2 arrays and you used only one. Very clever. Learn something new everyday. Thanks. :)

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