Show Security Dialog Box, not Ribbon, on Open

  • At the risk of getting lectured on security issues I decided to ask this question after tons of Google searches and searches here.

    I do NOT want to bypass the Macro Security in anyway, in fact, what I want is to get rid of the banner/menu bar ribbon and have the dialog box pop-up instead.

    The folks I work with take 'days' to figure out where the ribbon is and I'd like to make my project as user friendly as possible.

    So, is there a way to get the Security Dialog Box to pop-up instead of the ribbon and have it happen on all users computers, not just the ones who may have changed a setting here or there?

    Thanks for whatever advice you can offer...

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    Hi mlmaxey,

    Welcome to Ozgrid! There's a trick you can do by making your project file an Add-In! Once you've saved the project file as an add-in the users won't even require a dialogue box to appear....



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    Not that this will help, but it might explain the logic behind it if you decide not to go the add-in route.

    You get the 'old style' dialog if a VBA window is open when the workbook is opened, otherwise you get the 'camoflaged' 2007 version.

    I don't know of any way to force the old style dialog box and I have looked as well, but at least in 2010 it's bright red - still in the same place, but a lot more noticeable.

    Just hang in there until the IT department decided to upgrade... :)

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    Thanks for the replies...I was afraid of those answers! Oh well, I don't have that many folks to 'train' and it is only required at the beginning. Shame there isn't an option to choose which one you'd like to use. Still, I'm new to the whole VBA game and learning as I go, thanks again and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon!