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Auscam freedom project underway

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  • Auscam freedom project underway

    The young girls from the AusCam Freedom Project we're delighted with the 4 laptops that the Dave Hawley Foundation provided for them. As an additional bonus, Dave's parents donated a 5th laptop and I was able to take two really good second hand laptops over for them. This has made a total of 7.

    It was so rewarding to have spent time with the girls showing them how to use the laptops. We showed them u-tube, how to Google and also set up email accounts for them. The thrill they got from looking up their favourite songs on U-tube would have made Dave so happy.

    Please check out the Dave Hawley Foundation Facebook page to see the pictures.

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    Re: Auscam freedom project underway

    Hi Raina..

    Thats great...

    two really good second hand laptops
    What would be the minimum'sh specs of those..

    Just thinking out loud.. so many people i know upgrade to better notebooks.. and practically 'throw' the old ones away..

    Someone with no access to any laptop might cherish what others would throw away..?
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