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  • Ignore Blank Cells In Mail Merge

    Hi All,

    I am using an excel file as a database of addresses, from which i will merge onto a standard word document.
    My issue is that i have (as the attachment shows):

    School Name/First Line Address/Second line address/Third Line address/Post Code

    Not all of the addresses have a second line address. How can i in a mail merge (in word) have it so that it ignores the second address line if there is nothing in it?
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    Re: Ignore Blank Cells In Mail Merge


    The answer is in the word doc, not the database.

    Try a shuffle around the help file.

    To prevent blanks lines with Microsoft Word fields such as IF, SET, and ASK, do the following:

    If a field (such as ASK or SET) has no resulting text, you can insert the field within the standard text. If you must place the field in a separate paragraph, format the paragraph mark () as hidden text. Before you merge the documents, clear the Hidden text check box on the Print tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu).
    If text inserted by an IF field must be printed in a separate paragraph, include the paragraph mark in the field instructions. Insert the IF field in the main document; then, with field codes displayed, insert the paragraph mark within the appropriate set of quotation marks. In the following example, Word inserts the paragraph mark that follows "brochure" only if the text is printed.
    { IF { MERGEFIELD Product } = "Pasta" "We have expanded our line of pasta products. Please see the enclosed brochure.

    " " " } Thank you for your order.