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  • Automate Powerpoint Presentation

    Hi, I have a requirement which entails automating of powerpoint presentation. Currently, the user copies and pastes the files into powerpoint to generate the report.
    user interface that i created consists of a listbox and a couple of buttons. One button for user to browse & add files to the listbox, one to remove files from it and one to Generate Report.

    I m trying to save the file paths to a string array so that when user click the Generate Report button, the program can pick one file name from listbox, search it in the string array and if it finds the file, takes the path from that array index, creates an object for that file and then create a powerpoint slide object and using paste special, paste that file in powerpoint.

    I m having trouble making the string array hold its values between different button clicks.I'd appreciate whatever help I can get.

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    Re: Automate Powerpoint Presentation

    If the variable is losing content then you need to check the scope of the variable.
    Or check that the contents are not cleared by some other part of your code.

    Any more help will need actual code example.