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Please read before posting or replying. Updated 4th Feb 2014

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  • Please read before posting or replying. Updated 4th Feb 2014

    PLEASE PAY (via PayPal) 10% of your cost to [email protected] BEFORE you post. Then pay the remaining 90% to the person who completes the job on completion

    Payments are between the person who accepts the cost, posts the answer and the payee.

    Ozgrid takes absolutely no responsibility for payments of any kind.

    The person coming here for help MUST state the amount (including the currency) they are offering in their thread title.

    Please format as following: USD $0.00 or GBP 0.00 etc.


    All material posted including attachments remains available to all Ozgrid visitors and members and will not be removed unless by prior consent with Admin.

    This forum is not for homework questions. If you need help with your homework please post in the excel help forum and clearly define your question as homework. You will be offered guidance only, we will not do your homework for you.

    To offer solutions you must be a member of the Development Team and a minimum post count of 250 posts is required, to apply contact Reafidy by PM -- DO NOT post Visitor Messages on my profile.

    The first DEVELOPER to respond with an acceptance statement has priority over the project.

    An estimated time frame must be stated by the DEVELOPER when accepting the JOB or a maximum of 18 hours is assumed.

    An acceptance statement may be something like:

    "I can complete your project within 12 hours."

    "I estimate that I can complete your project within 24 hours. However I need some additional
    information to properly quote a time frame...."

    Failure to deliver or respond within this time-frame permits another DEVELOPER to provide a solution.

    If the CLIENT responds that the quoted time-frame exceeds their requirements then another DEVELOPER may provide a solution or estimated time-frame.

    If the DEVELOPER feels that further requests from the client move the project outside the original job outline then this must be brought to the attention of the CLIENT and a new cost estimate approved before the additional work is commenced.

    Once a developer has begun working on the job, no other developers can contribute to the thread until such time as it is clear that the original developer is no longer involved in the project.
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  • maichal
    auto generate id in user form save sale purchase data on sale & purchase sheet
    i am add add sale transaction & add purchase transaction command button & the id was Auto generate in text box 1 if i am choose sale in combo box 1 than sale-001 id was Auto generate in text box 1 add the name in combo box 2 & click on add sale transaction command button the data was add on the sale sheet,if i am choose Purchase in combo box 1 than Purc-001 id was Auto generate in text box 1 add the name in combo box 2 & click on add Purchase transaction command button the data was add on the Purchase sheet, please solve this sir, after add the information in sale & purchase excel sheet, i am choose sale in combo box 1 the id was auto generate in id text box 1, than i am choose the name in combo box 2, if i am choose sale in combo box 1 than combo box 2 show only sale Customer...
    3 days ago
  • DiogoCuba
    US$20 to Automate Crew Roster
    Hi, I have a Crew Roster that controls the crew changes of a certain vessel and I would like to automate it to avoid wasting time with manual copy and paste.

    Anybody willing to help me?

    Some of the actions I need:
    • Create a Pax list and a Flight Manifest based on the personnel assigned to embark and disembark;
    • Generate a Daily POB based on the names that are onboard (Including the dates of embark and a counter to count how many days the person is onboard);
    • Compare the Daily POB to a criteria to see if the safe manning is compliant or not;
    • Create a PAX LIST for the next 7 days automatically so that I can see who is crew change and who is not - this should be triggered based on the dates;
    • Auto generate Flight Manifest when I click a button and input the
    June 27th, 2017, 09:47