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$20 Copy paste numbers from closed files

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  • $20 Copy paste numbers from closed files

    Transaction ID: 1JV318106V624432K

    Hi would like to grab numbers from closed workbooks. This would be several multiplication using strings and arrays.
    There are several different formulas to reference for these multiplications and they will be in one column in text format. These are important to use as reference.

    Please can you PM me for full details.


    ADMIN NOTE TO POTENTIAL DEVELOPERS: Feel free to send PMs on this topic, but please remember that unless an acceptance statement is placed publicly on this topic by you that you cannot take priority on this work. If another developer posts an acceptance statement during the time you are discussing in PMs, they will be eligible to take on the work instead of you.

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    I have spoken to the OP via pm and will be undertaking this request.


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      Need some more major tweaks to this but unable to find Truten. Is anyone else available?


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        Iím alive! Iíve pmíd you


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          Hi! Trunten is being so helpful and kind, but i really cant keep waiting weeks at a time. Is there anyone (including trunten) who can help with this?


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            I can look at it for you.
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              I guess Iíll call it a day for now then. Was trying to do something but I donít think I can dedicate the time required to get it done as quickly as needed