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Insert Missing Rows From Master Data

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  • Insert Missing Rows From Master Data


    I'm looking for a macro which will re-work a list I have an insert missing data contained in another list.

    Sheet 1 contains a list of all batches we have run on-line along with the product n.o the batch was for and all the items/ingredients used to manufacture. On sheet 2 there is a list of products along with the standard list of ingredients that we should have used to make the product. I would like for the macro to work through each batch number produced and for the product it contains check sheet 2 to see which ingredients are missing from the batch. The batch list from sheet 1 should then be copied over to sheet 3 and rows inserted for all the missing ingredients (along with the expected usage quantity).

    I've attached an example below and shown the outcome I'm looking for on sheet 3. I've only just started using macros so a bit beyond me for now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    List Example.xlsx

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    Re: Insert Missing Rows From Master Data

    Just a note I've also posted this on Apologies new to this and never realized that cross posting was such an issue. I'll keep the two posted updated with links if my problem gets solved on either. Thanks