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Help needed with Userform inputs

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  • Help needed with Userform inputs

    Hi All,

    Can someone please help me with the following problem.

    I have created a workbook with a template of something I'm trying to do for my work place.

    I have created some userforms that I would like users to fill in and then excel calculate the results and insert them into a cell on the spreadsheet.

    This is what I would like to happen;

    The user clicks on the "Start Run button" and the Userform pops up. The user then selects which type of run they are doing, a standard run, Carb run or user defined run.

    In this case the user has selected a "Standard Run", another userform pops up and asks the user to input the start time of the run. Once the user has entered the time and then clicks on OK I would like excel to take the start time the user and entered and then add 7hrs and 10mins to that time then enter it in the spreadsheet where it says End Time.

    I would like the same for the Carb run userform but add 16hrs to the start time.

    On the User defined form its the same but I would like it to add the amount of time the user has added to the run duration text box to the start time.

    I have attached a sample of the workbook.


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