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Dynamic Conditional Hyperlink in Text Box

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  • Dynamic Conditional Hyperlink in Text Box


    I am working on a costing template for multiple end users and am looking to create a conditional hyperlink in a text box on a protected sheet. The reasoning for the protected sheet and text box scenario is to minimize necessary training and to reduce inputting errors; at the time of protecting the sheet, the only enabled option would be that the user could select (and input data into) unlocked cells. Regarding the text box, I will have 2 reference cells on the same sheet as the text box (I'll call them cell 1 and cell 2 for simplicity). I would like the text box to always contain the contents of cell 2, but only be a clickable link to cell 2 only if cell 1 contains, for example, "Option 2"; cell 1 is a drop-down box with only 2 possible values (or can be blank) and cell 2 will be a conditionally locked cell based on the value selected in cell 1. Is this conditional text box hyperlink something that is at all possible with VBA?

    Thank you for your time.