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    I am an accountant and analyse a lots and lots of bank statements. My knowledge of macro is limited to recording a macro and debugging by trying various online help ie Google.

    I am working on a Userform to import banking data stored in various different workbooks into a single spreadsheet called "Details". All banking data workbooks have data organised in a different format hence the userform is looking at various aspects to pull data from workbooks and put them into a single spreadsheet called "Details" for analysis across all bank accounts imported.

    I need help with writing a vba code to import data from various books using the import form. File is attached for you to see.

    In the userform I want to enter column letter from which to import data and paste it into "Details" sheet. For example, banking data has date column B and I will enter B in the userform in the relevant date textbox.

    Long Textbox sizes in the userform are where I manually enter the data (such Bank = ANZ Bank) and I want that value pasted against each row of data imported into "Details" Sheet.

    Hope that makes sense!!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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