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Copy a standard sheet to a constantly changing workbook.

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  • Copy a standard sheet to a constantly changing workbook.

    I want to be able to go to open a workbook that has a bunch of data in it. I want to run a macro that gets a standard form from another workbook and paste that sheet into the active work book. My hangup is that each book with data in it has a different name. I have tried

    Sub Get_Diagram()
    ' Get_Diagram Macro
    Dim W As Workbook
    Set W = ActiveWorkbook
    Windows("diagram macros.xlsm").Activate
    Sheets("Blank Diagram").Select
    ActiveSheet.Copy Before:=Workbooks(W).Sheets(1)
    'Sheets("Blank Diagram").Copy Before:=Workbooks().
    'Sheets (1)
    End Sub

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      Hello, does this code work?

      Assuming that your "standard form from another workbook" has the worksheet name "Blank Diagram". (if not, you can change the name in red below)

      Sub Get_Diagram()

      Dim W As Workbook
      Dim X As Workbook
      Dim WS As Worksheet
      Set W = ActiveWorkbook
      For Each X In Workbooks
          If Not X Is W Then
              For Each WS In X.Worksheets
                  If WS.Name = "Blank Diagram" Then
                      WS.Copy After:=W.Worksheets(W.Worksheets.Count)
                  End If
              Next WS
          End If
      Next X
      End Sub


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        There are two possibilities :

        1. You keep a complete List of your Workbook names


        2. You store all these Target Workbooks ( with changing names ) in a dedicated Folder

        Then, it is only a matter of building a Loop ...

        Hope this will help
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