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Edit range manually, restrict pasting in range

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  • Edit range manually, restrict pasting in range


    I have an Excel file with roughly 40 tabs that I need to be able to do the following things in:
    • Edit freely in Columns A through G
    • Write freely in Columns H to AB
    • Block all types of Pasting in Columns H to AB (there should be no copying at this would not make sense)
    • The tab named 'Master' must be completely editable
    I have tried many solutions but each one is lacking one way or another.

    The file cannot be altered in its format. It has been decided on by upper management. I have not included a file as I do not see it as being useful.

    The first one was to block all copy and pasting in certain columns. See:
    This option was not feasible as I was no longer able to write in any of the affected columns.

    Then I tried to disallow pasting in the workbook by slightly modifiying (I substituted the c for a v) the code that Tom Urtis wrote here:
    But then I was unable to copy and paste in Columns A to G as well.

    Then I found this great article:
    This seems to be the closest I have been able to find but am unable to modify the code as I am unfamiliar with these options.

    I have included all of my references in hopes that someone will be able to piece something together.

    Thank you very much

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    One way would be API ,,
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      I apologize for not responding sooner. Thank you for taking the time to give me some help.