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Web Query does not return the whole web page

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  • Web Query does not return the whole web page

    I have read a few threads and these explain that not all data displayed on a web page is accessible through a web query, but I was wondering why this is and whether, in the instance of the website I am interested in, it is possible to get the data and I am missing something. I am excel proficient, but don't really understand the web and the various text protocols, hence my hope that it is possible to get the data I am after.

    The website is

    The data I am after is found after clicking 'sportsbook-bet now' and then 'soccer' from the left menu.

    This brings up a grid of price for all of the days football games that they will be offering prices on. If I do a web query and navigate to this page, the grid of prices is not available to download, so does that mean I will not be able to get the data as a direct query?

    If someone could kindly suggest an alternative method that I could attempt then that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Web Query does not return the whole web page

    One common reason is that the data in the page isn't in tables.

    I've not checked this site out though, so that might not be the case here.

    When you tried the web query were you able to select the tables you wanted, or was there an option to select all the tables?


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      Re: Web Query does not return the whole web page

      sadly i only get the option to select a couple of frames down the side or along the top.

      the data i want is not selectable, but since it is so well ordered i was hoping that it would be possible in some way.


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        Re: Web Query does not return the whole web page

        i just got a message from the site saying a script had become slow and the following url...

        would this make it possible to retrieve the data, or does this mean it is hidden away somewhere?


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