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Return data to original order after sorting

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  • Return data to original order after sorting

    Good mornng - I am new to the forum - my name is Jena

    My question is this - I have a large spreadsheet with multiple columns of information. I want to sort it by a certain column. I know how to do this. My question is, once I'm done with my work I want to sort it back to the original "sort" but I'm not sure how they have it sorted. I've tried to figure out how they have it sorted but can't. Is there some way to go back to the original sort?

    Thank you for your anticipated help.

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    Re: Sorting Question

    You could add another column (call it "Position" for this example) to the data before you sort anything so that the first value is 1, second is 2, etc. Now you can sort it however you like. To return the rows to their original positions, simply sort the "Position" column you made earlier into ascending order.


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      Re: Sorting Question

      That is a great idea - sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees!!

      Thank you so much


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        Re: Return data to original order after sorting

        Hello Jena,

        Welcome to Ozgrid. We're glad to have you on board, however, please note the following regarding thread titles:

        Thread titles are used in searching the forum, therefore, it is vital they be written to accurately describe your thread content or overall objective using ONLY search friendly key words. That is, your title use as search terms would return relevant results.
        • The title must not use non-essential words such as:"Help needed", "Formula problem", "Please help", "urgent", "Code issue", "Need Advice", etc. Such words dilute the title/search results.
        • The title should not contain VBA code or formula syntax or use abbreviations, jargon, delimiters (e.g. slashes, commas, colons, etc)
        • The title should not assume or anticipate a solution as in referencing Excel functions or VBA methods - the actual solution is often quite different

        Your title of "Sorting Question" does not describe your thread or objective and is not helpful to those searching the forum for a solution to a similar need.

        Please note the change to your title, which is based on the objective stated in your thread.

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