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Year to date totals in Excel

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  • Year to date totals in Excel

    I am doing a spread sheet that has about 5 columns and a total. Each month the columns and total will change, but I also need to have a Year to Date column that will continue on each monthly sheet. I have racked my brains and cannot come up with a formula to do this. Can anyone

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    Here is a link to a site created by Rodney Powell Microsoft MVP which has formulas and information about YTD formulas

    Hope it helps Graham


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      Thanks Graham, but that is not really what I am looking for. I have a table with 5 different fields and next to each field I have a YTD column. I am going to use this same report each month, but change the amounts in the 5 fields each month, but I need the YTD column to run a continuous total. I don't even know if that makes sense, but that is the best way I can explain what I am looking to do, but I just can't figure out how to do it. If you have any other help, please share.


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        Hi tamifedrigo

        Welcome to the board

        Have you tried a Pivot Table, or Data>Subtotals? Both of these should do the job depending on your data layout. If you have not used Pivot Tables before see and scroll down to Excel Pivot Tables

        You might also consider attaching a copy of your Workbook here so we can see the layout.


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          To add to Dave's reply. To use a Pivot table you will have to rethink your data recording. All information will have to be on one sheet (database) for your Pivot to read it. Here's a simple layout that might help
          Hope that Helps


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            are you saying you input April's figures and the totals total things up....

            then you replace April's figures with May's figures and you want the cumulative YTD figures to include April AND May ???

            ie.... even though you're effectively overwriting April's figures, you still want the YTD totals to bring themselves in and add themselves to the new May figures

            (if "yes", you're going to need a macro to do this)
            Hope this helps,


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              I suggest you create another table below your current monthly table which would hold firstly month1, month1+2, month1+2+3,etc. This can be easily done by saying that cell b15 =SUM($B$2:B2). By using copy you can copy the formulae to the other 11 cells. Then create another page using Choose to pick the respective figures for Jan or June. Hope this helps. Drew.