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  • Create Master Worksheet From Other Sheets

    Hello - new here, and I reviewed a number of posts on this topic, but couldn't find one that really fit what I was trying to do...

    I have five team members managing projects, each with a variety of print deliverables they are developing. Rather than having them update data in two different places, I figured I'd have them update their own tabs in a Spreadsheet, and then create a master which combines all of their work into one place - which I could then sort, or provide to my supervisor for an overview.

    I have developed a worksheet/tab for each staff member, and they have matching columns and column headers (A1:M1). Some are managing more projects than others, so while one staff member might have only three rows of data, another might have 200. There are no spaces between rows (all projects are listed in subsequent rows), however, sometimes there is data that we don't have at that point to complete each row all the way across (ie - print date, approval date, etc).

    The data includes dates, numbers, and text. There are no formulas or math within the cells.

    On the master worksheet, I'd like for it to pull all results related to the individual worksheets, pulling all rows that have data in them (even if there may be a blank in a specific cell). I'd prefer this to happen automatically (vs resetting the range of rows it transfers over).

    I'd also like the ability - once the data is on the master worksheet page - to sort the content by column. So, if I wanted to see a list by related project print job number, or sorted by date, I could.

    Further - I am hoping that I would have the ability to share this one master worksheet (or develop a copy) so that I could share with my supervisor, without her seeing all of the additional worksheet pages (which might confuse her).

    I'm pretty familiar with formulas, but not too familiar with Macros... so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    Re: Making master spreadsheet from other worksheets

    Seems more of a project, than a question. Do you think some funding would be reasonable? If yes, will invest time.

    S M C

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