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Dynamically Filled Validation Lists

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  • Dynamically Filled Validation Lists

    I’m trying to come up with a piece of VBA that will allow me to create a dropdown list that can change based on the value of another dropdown list, which in turn is based on the values in a column.

    In the attached file you will see I have a table E3:F9. The ‘Get Names’ button contains a very simple macro which does an advanced filter of the names and copies them to N1, this means that filter on I3 now contains the two name ‘Fred’ and ‘Jess’.

    What I would like to happen is when a user selects Fred from the dropdown (I3) then in the second dropdown (J3) will appear a unique list of Fred’s processes (namely: P57, P89,P90) and of course in turn if the user selects Jess from the ‘I3’ dropdown, then Jess’ processes will appear in the ‘J3’ dropdown, (namely: P890, P789, P677).

    As you can tell the ‘J3’ dropdown is run from the values in Column ‘O’. Therefore what I’m really after is a way I can dump the unique list of a user’s processes into Column ‘O’ after a name has been selected using the ‘I3’ dropdown.

    Any clues??????????

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Dynamically Filled Validation Lists

    Hover over Validation and read Dependent Validation Lists