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Display, Edit, Add & Delete Records Via Userform

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  • Display, Edit, Add & Delete Records Via Userform

    Hi. I want to display on a userform the records that exist in a worksheet.

    I want also to be able to edit/delete them as well as add new ones. I want also the information to be updated in the worksheet.

    I was taking a look at some related "threads" but I am quite new in programming with excel and I am having some troubles...

    Attached there is an example of what I intend to do:

    1) When the userform is initialized I want it to display only the records filled with data in the worksheet (only the first five)
    2) The "Next" and "Previous" buttons should skip to the next and previos records respectively
    3) The "Update record" button should update the information on the worksheet.
    4) The "Delete record" button should delete the record from the worksheet (but keeping the ID number on the worksheet)
    5) The "Add new record" should add a new record (I want this new record to be saved in the next empty line in the worksheet - in this case position 6)
    6) Finally at the bottom of the userform I want to display the number of the current record as well as the total number of existing records.

    Could you kindly help with some examples of how I should write the code to initialize the Userform and for the different buttons?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: Display Records In Userform

    Data>Form or J-Walk Enhanced Data Form v3


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      Re: Display, Edit, Add & Delete Records Via Userform

      Thank you Dave!! "J-Walk Enhanced Data Form v3" seems a great help. I will buy the VBA code and take a look!




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