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  • Return Number Before Alpha Character

    I have an Excel file that quiries Google for driving distance (someone helped me with this.) It returns the correct miles but has some 'extra' characters.

    31.1&nb or 886&nbs

    So the answer always has &nbs after the mileage. I tried the following function which works when there is a decimal but fails when there is not.


    Can this be done with a function or must it be VB script? Which is fine if it is.


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    Re: Replace Function - Remove X Number

    Why are you searching for a decimal? It seems that all you need is everything to the left of the ampersand. If that is the case, this should work:


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      Re: Replace Function - Remove X Number

      turtle44 - I don't know why I was - but THANK YOU! I am new to search/finding functions in Excel and couldn't figure this out. Your solution worked.


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