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  • Determine If Character Exists In Cell

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can advise me on how to accomplish this in excel.
    The data is from a simple memory task where people sit in front of the computer and see a string of letters flashed in front of them (i.e. VCBDLIWE) briefly, then they are shown one letter (i.e. I) and they need to press 1 if they think that letter was in the original string, and 2 if they don't think it was. I have the data in an excel table but I can't figure out how to score it. Here's how the table is set up
    ID Trial EventType Code
    1 1 Picture VCBDLIWE ---> the string
    2 1 Picture 8_delay
    3 2 Picture I ----> the letter
    4 2 Response 1 ----> their response
    5 3 Picture RAMEUHTZ
    6 3 Picture 8_delay
    7 4 Picture N
    8 4 Response 1 --> they got it wrong

    There's one more field (TTime) with the time it took to hit the button (reaction time) that I want to keep in there, but basically I need a query to just select out all the ones who got it right, and tell me how long it took them to hit the button (TTime).

    Where I'm running into problems is that the string, the letter, and the response is all in the same column (Code).

    I have made a new column called 'Score' and I'm trying to come up with a formula that will take the letter (i.e. N) and search if it is in the string 2 rows above it, and then return true/false if it is?

    Thank you!

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    Re: True/false If A Letter Is Contained In A String?

    B6: 8_delay
    B7: N
    B8: 1

    C8: =IF(ISERR(FIND(B7,B5))=FALSE,1,0)

    Gives a "0" for wrong, "1" if answered correctly...