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  • Display Of Marksheet Format

    Need help regarding formulas...

    Hi all friends,
    I am having a problem and i need some help from you. I am having a data of about 500 students and

    each student has 6 subjects A,B,C,D,E,and F. Now the thing is that it is not necessary that a

    student must give all papers to pass in exam, it depends on what options the student has

    selected. We have made a table in a form given below

    RollNO. Name. A Mark Grade B Mark Grade and so on till F Mark Grade.

    In the next sheet we have used the function V lookup and printed a format of marksheet as


    Roll No.


    Subject Marks Grade

    Vlookup Vlookup Vlookup

    so when in the next sheet we enter the roll no. the name field and the subject marks and grade

    field all Come automatically, now let me tell u the exact problem, if a student has not given C

    and E subject, because of Vlook up function ans using if function the fields in place of C and E

    subject are left blank and the marksheet is not looking good. Now what i want is that if a

    student has not given C paper the subject, mark and grade of D paper should come in place of C

    paper place,, so that there would be no gap.. if a student has only attempted paper F instead of

    a big gap and then the mark of F the mark of F should come in place of A. I hope u understood

    what i meant, for further experimentation I am also ready to mail u a format of marksheet that I

    have made, so that u can understand it better. please try to suggest me some solution to the

    problem.. ....pls mail answers to [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Display Of Marksheet Format Pls Hlp

    Welcome to the forum, ravishankar, but why the double-spacing? We don't email answers, and I have blanked out your email address to stop you getting spam.

    Also read the rules about titles!


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      Re: Display Of Marksheet Format

      Dear Moderator,

      Thank you very much for blanking my email address, I am sorry next time I wont do the mistake.

      Thanks for Cooperation and support.

      With Regards,



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        Re: Display Of Marksheet Format

        See the attached for one way to do what you ask.
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          Re: Display Of Marksheet Format

          Dear Derk,

          Thank you very much for the help, I would try to code the formula and use it in the final worksheet.

          If I have any problem then I will contact you.

          Thanks a lot