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  • Program Freezes On Save

    Most of the time when I try to save an excel file, the program freezes in mid-save (the progress bar that usually shows up gets to the "full progress," i.e., all the boxes are blue, stage, then everything stops). At that point, I cannot save the file, cannot exit the program, and cannot use task manager to exit the program--none of these methods respond. I am sometimes able to use other programs while excel is frozen, but eventually I have to power down the system with the power button because I can't use shutdown or restart either.

    This doesn't happen every time I try to save, but most of the time it does. If save ever works, it's the first or second time I save during a particular work session. The files are recoverable when I've powered the system back up, and I can add/change their contents, but then when I try to save the changes the same thing happens all over again. The same thing also happens if I try to exit and say yes to "do you want to save before exiting?"

    The closest thing I've found to describing this problem on the Microsoft support site says that the only fix is to unmap any network drives, but this is ridiculous for two reasons: 1) I need access to those drives for continuous backup and other tasks, and 2) I'm not trying to save the file to a network drive.

    Any ideas? Or anywhere you can think of where I might find a solution?

    I've already tried:

    1. re-installing Office 2003
    2. sfc/scannow (no corrupt files were identified)
    3. Repair function in Excel
    4. Scandisk
    5. Defrag

    I'm using Windows 2000, and Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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    Re: Program Freezes On Save--excel

    forum guys
    hope m not violating any rules...pls advice if i did and sorry in adv...

    welcome to the forum - had similar problems too but unrelated to network
    for both excel and word, specially trying to save a page from the net.
    did a google search "excel word hangs during save" and checked the first
    result from "" which
    i am quoting below.
    may also want to try ""
    hope this helps...


    USER A
    I need to work on files that are on the network. I can open them, but when I
    go to 'Save-as', both Word and Excel just seems to hang. This workflow has
    worked fine for two months until about 10:00 last night.

    Per the other posts I've searched, I've uninstalled the security patches
    that were automatically installed this week, and I've tried unmapping the
    network drives. I can save a new file to My Documents, but this isn't really
    getting my job done.

    I do not have the disks to reinstall office. I'm running Windows XP, Office
    2002. Other computers in our office are working fine, just as this one did
    earlier this week. I am at a loss, so any help is appreciated.

    USER B

    Check out the response to "Can not Save Files"

    The Security Update for Windows XP KB908531 caused the problem for me and after removing I can now save files to subfolders for Word and Excel.
    The updated affected my system but not my wife's programs which are on a
    newer computer.

    USER A

    Oh, thank you!!!! There is no way I would have ever found that on my own, I
    mean, what an esoteric, seemingly unrelated cause to my problem.

    I'm certain I'm not the only person this has effected. I already wasted
    probably at least 8 hours of productivity Thurs, Fri and today, and with your
    kind assistance, it is now resolved. I hope MSFT has heard the uproar they
    have caused.

    Thanks again!
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      Re: Program Freezes On Save

      Thanks for the response.

      Unfortunately I've already tried this route. I'm using W2000, not XP, on this computer, which is the only one that has this problem, and that update isn't on my computer.

      I'm tempted to talk directly to Microsoft, but I'm loathe to pay them when they already overcharge for everything.

      Any other thoughts?


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        Re: Program Freezes On Save


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        Hope that Helps


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