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VBA: Delete the first two characters of a cell

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  • VBA: Delete the first two characters of a cell

    I have a set of data that is about 27000 cells long. How do I write a macro that selects a column of data and deletes the first two characters.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    A macro can be done, but it might be safer to enter the following in a blank row 1 cell of an adjacent column to the right (or a newly created blank column) the following: assuming the original data are in column A:


    Then autofill column B by doubled clicking on the small dark square at the bottom right of cell B1 when it is selected. This should autofill column B to the end of Column A entries (assuming they are contiguous) and also leave the column B cells selected. Copy the column B cells and the do a PASTE SPECIAL > VALUES (either in place in column B or over the top of the original data in column A. This should create a new dataset that is minus the first two characters.

    If you still need or want a macro to do this, see the attached. But be warned that the macro will do exactly what you ask -- remove the first two characters from each cell in column A. If you run it a second time, the next two characters will be gone, too. If someone runs it "for" you a week later, an additional two characters will disappear.

    Having a macro around that can do inadvertant harm always bothers me.
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