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Date Format Won't Change

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  • Date Format Won't Change


    Can anyone tell me why I can't change the format of the date column, (the first column), of this spreadsheet? It doesn't seem to be responding to any date format changes I try to make.

    Also, I tried to combine some cells with a formula like =A2&B2&D2, and all I saw in the cell that should have had the result was the formula itself. (Note, this example isn't represented on the attachement. I deleted that column before posting. Just looking for suggestions on why that might happen).

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Re: Date Format Won't Change?

    I entered a new date as per my date system in Windows (dd/mm/yy) and you format took fine. Other dates I re-entered and they changed fine too.

    See valid Excel Dates & Times


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      Re: Date Format Won't Change


      That did it...


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        Re: Date Format Won't Change

        I have had this issue also. I donít know why, but you have to double click the cell to get rid of whatever format is applied. As a work around, copy any blank cell, select all of the dates in column A, right click, paste special, Add. Not even sure what that is doing, but it will cause your dates to revert to a number format and you will be able to format these numbers/dates anyway you like.
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          Re: Date Format Won't Change

          Thanks. It's always fun to try to edit a report that someone else created. When I first starting working on this report, the creator had hundreds of dollar values in the report with the period and comma transposed; ($1.000,00) instead of $1,000.00. I didn't notice and tired to divide those cells and the FUN began...

          Then when I got to trying to sort and format the dates... well, here I am...

          I'm affraid to see what I'll run into next.

          Thank you both for the good advice.




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