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Remove Hidden Rows And Columns

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  • Remove Hidden Rows And Columns

    I have a spreadsheet with various hidden rows and columns that I do not wish the user to have access too as it contains too much detail for their purposes.

    Copy/paste and copy/paste special also copies across the hidden columns and rows so what I need to do is to copy it to a new workbook but then remove the hidden rows and columns and just delete the existing formulas in the cells which total the data and insert a new autosum.

    I wonder if someone could help with the code for deleting hidden rows and columns.

    Thank you

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    Re: Remove Hidden Rows And Columns

    Why not store the not wanted to be seen details on another Worksheet and hide it?

    Why not copy only the shown data via F5 - Special - Visible cells only


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      Re: Remove Hidden Rows And Columns


      try this

      Select the data to copy and than press
      F5 - Other (Sorry I have Czech location Excel and so I don't know caption of this button) - choose Visible Cells Only - OK

      and then copy the data and paste into new workbook. I don't understand what you want to do with summations.


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        Re: Remove Hidden Rows And Columns

        Thank you very much, F5 does exactly what I needed.