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  • Cell Text Wrap Cut-off

    Does anyone know how I can get the text that is reflected in the Edit bar for cell A1 of the attachment to display fully within the cell boundriesof A1? I've reseached Qzgrid and found no previous answers. Is it an Excel 2003 bug that I just have to live with? You will see I've set the Text Control under Format Cells > Alignment to "Wrap text".
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    Re: Cell Text Wrap Cut-off

    After searching around on MSOffice Online, I found numerous people posting the same question. Here is a basic consolidation of the discussions:
    I have formatted a cell so the text wrapping is active, however, only the first 8 or 9 lines will wrap--then the text travels outside the cell and i am having to manually wrap it, which is very time consuming. Do i possibly have something set wrong somewhere?

    Frank Kabel wrote:
    and before sending it try inserting some manual linebreaks with AT+ENTER every other line

    Kristen wrote:
    I am having this same problem? Was a solution found?

    Dave Peterson wrote:
    Frank's response to add some alt-enters (every 80-100 characters) is a common fix to this.
    Didn't it work for you?

    Kristen wrote:
    Hi Dave,
    Yes, this works. However, there are so many occurences in the document that it will be very time consuming to use Alt-enter for each instance. I was hoping there was an easier fix. Thanks. Have a good day.

    Gord Dibben wrote:

    This is not a problem as far as MS is concerned. The 1024 character limit has been around for a few versions.

    Excel is not considered to be a word processing program so not much effort has been expended to add WP features and functionality.

    The Alt + Enter trick is what works for now.

    Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP
    Old Programmers Never Die ... They just lose their bits


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      Re: Cell Text Wrap Cut-off

      I think this is the limitation.

      32,767 characters per cell
      Only 1,024 displayed in a cell


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        Re: Cell Text Wrap Cut-off

        Select the cell and add some line breaks (Alt+Enter) at relavent points. Also, consider using a smaller font.