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VBA "Runtime error 53: File not found"?

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  • VBA "Runtime error 53: File not found"?


    I am new to Excel VBA. I bought a book about VBA in Excel and tried to study the code which came with the book. However, when I try to run the macro, an error message occurred :" Run-time error '53': File not found".

    I then pressed the debug button and it went to the red line below:
    Sub Arbitrage_Reset()
        Dim ArbPrj As New ArbCls
        ArbPrj.prjOpen ActiveWorkbook.FullName,
        ActiveSheet.Cells(1, 1).Select
    End Sub
    where the path of ActiveWorkbook.FullName is "c:\vba2000.xls". I tried to replaced ActiveWorkbook.FullName with the full path name, but problem still persisted.

    One strange thing is that I am using Office 2000 and Windows XP Simplified Chinese version. I ran the macro on another machine with Windows XP Japanese version + Office 2000, the same problem appeared. However, on a very old machine with Windows 2000 English version + Office 2000, the macro ran faultlessly. I asked a friend who was using Office 2003+ Windows XP Italian version to test the macro for me, he didn't have any problem.

    Does the problem have anything to do with the Asian OS system? I tried to format the HD and reinstall Win XP Chinese version, but the problem is still there.
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    Re: VBA "Runtime error 53: File not found"?

    landau, please use Code tags for code not Quote.

    If you simply opening a Workbook use

    Workbooks.Open "c:\vba2000.xls"