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Track Changes Disabled on Network Workbook

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  • Track Changes Disabled on Network Workbook

    hi guys,

    when i put a file across a network, it should be shared among all the users, but it appears as read only file and the option of track changes in the tools function is disabled.

    However, when i open an excel file in a stand alone pc, and use the track changes option, i get the file as (shared) as the header. what is the significane or meaning of this word "shared" in a stand alone pc?

    please reply soon

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    Re: What does "shared" mean in a stand alone pc?

    prashanth611, please take more care with Thread Titles as you agreed. You were also reminded again when you post to NOT use superfluous words which is exactly what you have done. Why?


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      Re: What does "shared" mean in a stand alone pc?

      prashanth611 - You save a WorkBook on a stand alone WorkStation or NetWork drive and at that time You could choose to share. In all shared WorkBooks there are compromises ie some issues change (maybe not an option) in shared WorkBooks

      Remember Macros will disable as Your forced to resave the WorkBook

      Track Change
      Dialog box appears
      Tick option box
      Except defaults
      Click OK
      Save (Except Macros disabled etc)

      And edit a cell

      (This is not 100% as is from memory)


      BTW - Please be sure to contact Dave Hawley re his comments in his above post, and pelase join in the ozGRid fun, after all I have just helpped You for free and i hope my help is useful to You and solves Your problem
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