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Creating charts from filtered data

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  • Creating charts from filtered data

    After the great help I received earlier in the week, I thought Iíd have another go!

    I am generating a database via a userform. Currently when a specific company wants to have a look at the data pertinent to them I have a routine to select the name using the autofilter via a button on the sheet. The data generated by the autofilter is displayed as a sum (using the subtotal(3, Range:Range) command and then a pie chart is generated via another routine that I recorded.

    My question is, how can I make this neater? My ideal would be to have a Ďproperí search routine to search by company and date and then have this displayed as a chart on a new sheet. What I am doing currently is okay, but Iím struggling to make it more user friendly and efficient!

    I've had a good search through the forum and can't seem to find anything along the lines of what I'm after.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Creating charts from filtered data

    When the data is filtered down any chart referencing the range should only plot the visible cells. Ensure "Plot visible cells only" is checked under Tools>Options>Chart.

    See also: Excel Charts compliments of Andy Pope, for more inspiration and ideas