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Unable to Break Links to another file

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  • Unable to Break Links to another file


    Last week I copied a worksheet from one spreadsheet into another, and have since been working from the new one. When I open the file I get a message box asking if I want to Update links from the other workbook. But I've deleted all named ranges, formulae, shapes, everything that could possibly link to the other workbook. I've also (in my frustration) completely deleted the sheet that was originally copied and re-made it from scratch. But it STILL comes up with this update box. In Excel's Help it says to go to Edit/Links and press Break Link, which I have tried but it doesn't do a thing. The link is still sitting there in the display box in the Links window - it says that the Type is Worksheet, I don't know if this makes any difference that it's not a formula or anything?

    Also, in complete desperation when it wasn't deleting the link, I changed the source to a random file, so it now comes up with an error in updating (which it obviously would) however this doesn't have any effect on my file because as far as I can tell it no longer has links to the other file!

    I'm tempted to just go to the option that says don't show the Update prompt on opening (the file is to be handed in as coursework on Wednesday) but this doesn't solve the problem, only bypasses it!

    Each time I made a major change (e.g. recreating the copied worksheet, changing the source) I saved the file under a different name, so I have all old copies just incase I've completely messed it up!

    Any ideas what this link is up to?

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    Re: Unable to Break Links to another file

    After another hour of bashing my head (ouch) I decided to do some more googling (didn't find anything first time round) and this time actually found a good suggestion which worked!!!

    To get rid of unwanted links, save the file under the same name as the file it links to. So in my case, I created a new excel file called Link.xls, which was blank, then in the Edit/Links box changed the link to be to this new file called Link.xls. Then all I had to do was Save As and select Link.xls so that it is linked to itself!

    Everything seems to be working, all of the calculations are still there, macros work, etc. Hopefully this has sorted the problem.

    Thanks anyway, I'm really sorry - I hope I haven't wasted anyone's time!


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      Re: Unable to Break Links to another file

      Did you try Edit > Links > Change Source & then change the Source to the Workbook that you are using?
      Hope that Helps


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        Re: Unable to Break Links to another file

        Yep tried that and it did something strange - said something like it couldn't find certain sheets, for about 5 different sheets, so didn't change the link at all in the end.

        The way listed above seems to work though so changing the file name to be the same as the linked file seems to be the way forward rather than linking to the current file!

        Thanks for the response! Panic over thank goodness, it's all fixed now, hopefully nothing more can go wrong before the hand in date!!


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          Re: Unable to Break Links to another file

          this tread is already quite old but I will add a comment nonetheless...

          tip1: check the Conditional Formatting
          tip2: look for hidden and veryhidden sheets - use VBA editor to get to the "veryhidden" ones...


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            Re: Unable to Break Links to another file

            Thanks, topic is now closed.


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