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Multiple Selections Drop down list to one cell.

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  • Multiple Selections Drop down list to one cell.

    Please help.....

    I would like to choose several choices from one dropdown list and place in one cell.

    The choices on the drop down list are not one word answers but sentences.

    IE. The original sentence might be....
    "ABC to pay USD50,000 for XYZ."

    One week later they have paid and the next sentence would be "Payment received in full"

    Hence I would like to pick these two from a selection of 15-20 drop downs and put them in one cell.

    I am not able to write macros etc, if needed!!!.

    I already have a drop down list, but cannot get multiple selection to one cell.

    Please advise

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    Re: Multiple Selections Drop down list to one cell.

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      Re: Multiple Selections Drop down list to one cell.

      When you say you want to chose "several choices" do you mean you want to able to select multiple sentences from a list (i.e more than one), or just chose just one sentence from a selection of say 20 sentences?

      I dont think you need any code for this.

      As a sample... enter some sentences from A1 to A10.

      Select Cell B1

      Go to Data/Validation.

      In "Allow" select List

      In "Source" type in =A1:A10

      Click OK.

      This will create a drop down box in cell B1 for all the sentences listed from A1 to A10.

      Hope this helps.
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